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The late Lhoyd T. Hayward, a noted Vermont philatelist, had many philatelic interests. One that combined his love of history and stamps was his "Vermont on Stamps" project.

He stated, "America's stamps are vignettes of America's history. Because Vermont and Vermonters have played such an important part in our national history, it is no wonder that many United States stamps reflect Vermont and her sons and daughters."

Hayward thought a "Vermont on Stamps" activity would be of special interest to young collectors and school teachers. He created the first comprehensive log that listed United States stamps with Vermont links up until 1970. From time to time, in past issues of The Vermont Philatelist, articles added additional information on a specific stamp with a Vermont connection. In 2002, the late Jason J. Granger also submitted several articles under the title Vermont Related Stamps.

The information found on this website is the result of the previously mentioned information plus more information gathered from members in the past few years.

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1920s | 1930s | 1940s | 1950s | 1960s |1970s | 1980s | 1990s | 2000s | 2010s


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