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The Vermont Philatelic Society was organized in 1956 by a group of pioneer philatelists under the guidance of Dr. Donald H. Johnstone.  The first meeting was held in Burlington, Vt on July 6, 1957.  The original charter groups of 75 collectors has expanded to members throughout the United States, although the vast majority of our members live in Vermont.

The aim of the Society is to cultivate and promote the study of all aspects of philately pertinent to Vermont, and to publish that information.

The Annual meeting of the Vermont Philatelic Society is held each year in October in conjunction with the Crossroads Stamp Show in Quechee, Vermont.

The Vermont Philatelist is the official quarterly publication of the Society.  A subscription (either printed or electronic) is included with each membership. Beginning as a two-page newsletter, it was first published in May 1956 with Dr. Johnstone as its founding editor.  Now a journal of 28 pages, printed in color, the Vermont Philatelist carries illustrated articles on all aspects of Vermont philately, especially postal history.

Original articles are welcomed and should be sent to the Glenn Estus, VP Editor, PO Box 451, Westport, NY 12993 or to

2018 Dues are $20.00 (printed journal) or $10.00 (emailed journal): 2018 Application Form

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